Captain Penny and Jungle Larry
Captain Penny and Jungle Larry look at Tetzlaff's
feature in Look Magazine

Over the years, Jungle Larry appeared on TV throughout the Midwest and Southern Florida. Cleveland TV, however, was his home and Larry appeared on numerous local Cleveland TV programs including Mary Ellen’s Fun Farm, Freda Champion’s Pooch Parade, Bill Gordon and Dorothy Fuldheim’s One O’Clock Club.

The most memorable and longlasting series of appearances was on Ron Penfound’s Captain Penny shows. Many adults recall running home from school for lunch to see Jungle Larry and his animals.

Ron Penfound was more than a TV friend. He served as Larry's best man at his 1957 wedding to Nancy Jane. Penfound later moved to Naples where they continued their friendship until Ron lost his battle with cancer in 1974.

Jungle Larry On TV

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